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March 19, 2007

IBE defeats CIBBS in ERC debating competition

Institute of Business Education (IBE) defeated the Camille’s Institute of Business and Science Studies (CIBBS) in the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) Inter-Secondary Schools Debating Competition, Friday last, at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD).

IBE and CIBBS were the first two private schools to be included in the ERC debating series. They debated the moot ‘The celebration of national festivals has the potential to unite the various ethnic groups in Guyana’; a debate the judges described as possibly one of the best they have judged in the entire series. Both teams were fiercely competitive for a place in the second round of the competition. Even among the members of each team, it was difficult to decide which student would be the best debater because of the outstanding nature of their presentations, Chief Judge Mr. Aggery Azore said.

Leading the proposition team, CIBBS, was Kavita Singh; Marlene Kanhai and Candasy Willems were the other supporting members. The judges singled out Singh for her presentation of CIBBS’s rebuttal, which the judges said was the finest they have heard in two years of judging ERC debates. The Chief Judge commended her fluency and eloquence, the smoothness with which she attacked the opposition’s arguments and restated her team’s position on the moot.
Lead speaker of IBE, the opposition team, Gopaul Sukhu, was applauded for starting his team’s point of view in a commendable manner. However, his two supporters, Chandini Sugrim and Oma Devi Sukhu, came in for higher praises from the judges for sustaining their team’s arguments logically and convincingly. The Chief Judge noted that even though CIBBS had a high scoring rebuttal, Sugrim and Sukhu copped the victory for IBE.

The ERC debate will continue after end of term examinations with schools in Regions Three, Five and Six debating for placements in the second round of the competition.

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